The importance of fire sprinklers for hotels

Every year, there are many fires in hotels. The larger fires you'll hear about in the news where injury and sadly death cause major headlines to raise awareness of fire protection and fire sprinkler systems and how they are invaluable to save lives. Every hotel owner and management team should take the proper steps to help prevent devastating fires as well as ensure they have an adequate fire suppression system in place.

Fire Alarms

All hotels need to have functional fire alarm systems. When the alarms activate early enough, it will give all the guests and employees more time to evacuate the building. The building management is responsible for ensuring that all fire alarms are in working order and that they are regularly inspected and tested by their fire protection suppliers.

Fire Extinguishers

Fire extinguishers should be readily accessible in all areas of the hotel. This means that they need to be in every corridor, and in reception and public as well as employee-only areas. Every fire extinguisher needs to be clearly labelled. If the labels are no longer legible, then they need to be replaced and updated to reflect the latest standards set by the Fire Industry Association and meet British Standard BS 5306-3:2017.

No matter where the fire extinguishers are located, they should never be blocked by furniture or decorations, and they should never be allowed to remain depleted or be placed in the wrong locations. The fire extinguishers also need to be inspected for signs of leaks and cracks that could interfere with their operation.

Fire Sprinklers

Functional fire sprinkler systems are just as important as properly charged fire extinguishers. Fire sprinklers, or fire misting systems, can contain fires and prevent them from spreading to other parts of the hotel. For this reason, hotel management need to get in touch with their fire protection provider to verify that all fire sprinklers are working and don't need to be repaired and also meet BS 5306-2:199 standards.

Evacuation Procedures

Evacuation procedures are an essential part of ensuring the best possible fire protection for all building occupants. All guests should be given necessary information on what to do in case of a fire � which exits they should use, and where they should gather once they have reached safety. In addition to flyers or other handouts to the guests, the routes for fire evacuation procedures need to be posted in every single room and on every floor in the corridors.

Fire Prevention and Fire Sprinkler Systems from Sprinkle Safe

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