How Do Fire Sprinkler Systems Work

You'll have no doubt seen them in the movies when a small amount of smoke triggers all of the sprinklers in a building. However this is not how they work at all and they don't all go off at once.

Fire Sprinkler Systems or Fire Misting Systems are actually activated by heat and only the sprinkler head nearest the fire generally goes off to quench the fire in that location. If the fire spreads across multiple sprinkler heads then these will be activated one at a time both ensuring that the fire is suppressed or even extinguished and also water damage is kept to a minimum.

Fire Misting Systems use far less water than Fire Sprinkler Systems but perform the job of protecting you and your family from fire damage in a similar way. Modern Fire Sprinkler Systems or Fire Misting Systems are credited with reducing deaths and loss of property by more than 65%. Since each sprinkler or misting head is automatically triggered by fire's temperature just one or two sprinklers can quickly extinguish or suppress the fire to the room where is started and cause minimal damage to the property.

By using 6 times less water than a fire hose, Fire Sprinkler Systems or Fire Misting Systems are less harmful to your home than calling out the Fire Brigade.

Fire Sprinkler Systems are now a legal requirement for all new properties in Wales. This also applies to properties that have been approved for a change of use into residential status. These systems are great at protecting your property as well as your family, should a fire break out and can be retrofitted into your home with minimal construction work and disruption to your use of your home.

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